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2010-04-23 08:31:18 GMT
twentyforty Trusted

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SCHEDULE for this week (and NO more requests):

Monday:  The Pacific as 360p, The Simpsons, Desperate Housewives as 272p MP4 H264; Breaking Bad, Treme as [quark]
Tuesday: How I Met Your Mother as 360p H264; 
         Castle and "24" as 272p MP4 H264
Wednesday: Lost, Glee, "V", Law & Order SVU as 272p H264
Thursday: South Park as 272p MP4 H264
Friday:  30 Rock (TWO episodes), FlashForward, Fringe as 272p MP4 H264; Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, FlashForward, Fringe as [quark]  
Saturday:  Smallville as 272p MP4 H264
Sunday:  re-seed of week's episodes


DO NOT download if you watch on high resolution TV or monitors.
NOT for handhelds or phones, just computers. 
Playable in VLC, WMP and MPC with CoreCodec and DivX 7 AAC DShow filter, 
mplayer, KMplayer and of course, in QuckTime Player.
However, picture is better than 90% of CAMs and definitely watchable. Goal was "preview" quality, not the ultimate one - what is self-evident from redicolously small file-size. Trade-offs must be included.
And please, do not watch it with a nose in the screen, take proper distance to the monitor or TV (as advised in TV manuals).
For example; when I finish encoding, I always check out the file, do short preview, rewinding back and forth. It usualy looks ugly - but - then I move back and sit on the sofa, 6 feet away - and everything looks as it should. Nice and watchable, like on older, analog TV set.

                     a) If you are from developed countries, have download 
                     speed above 15 KB/s, think twice what are you doing.
                     b) If you download [quark] to test your "equipment" 
                     forget about it, on first sign of "malfunctioning"
                     or "misdoings" of any kind I will block you. (if you 
                     change IP number, I will block your ISP, your region, 
                     your country and even whole continent. 
                     So, think thrice what are you doing. 
                     Internet IS Big place and you can go anywhere else, true? 
                     No one force you to download my torrents, right?
                     c) If you have FAST connection, HELP the people by downloading
                      - however NOT as you've done elsewhere, but by KEEPING your 
                     UPLOAD SPEED at MAX. Any other behavior will be treated
                     d) When you finished downloading [quark] STAY TO SEED. 
                     Anyone who can download - CAN UPLOAD too.
                     Ones who cannot - only because they are poor - are excluded.
                     Ones who are not poor, I beg you to show two things: 
                     solidarity and perpetual goodness.
PLEASE, think about the ones who have Internet but cannot afford download of big files.
Every day I have 10% of my peers on dial-up and ancient hardware who need whole day to download a "normal" sized 350MB.
Please, I beg you for understanding of my work, let them through and if you can - help them by downloading and seeding afterward as long as you can. These people have slow download and it helps them a lot (please, be generous - on such file having ratio 10.7:1 is like 1:1 on normal-sized XviD).. 
Example for the ones looking more on ratio numbers, than real and "generated" traffic (ones who need to save - skip this, its just an example):
>>XviD's downloading 350MB: giving back 350MB equals 700MB (1:1 ratio)
>>[quark]'s is ~60MB + 11 times 60 = 660 MB equals 720MB (well... 20 MB "more")
So, people who can give more, should not be focused on plain ratio-number too much - in "world" of [quarks] many things are different.

Thank you.


> ....... at 2010-04-15 22:59 CET: 

thanks, i'll be seeding for the rest of the day, but my upload speed sucks and won't make a big difference.

>....... at 2010-04-16 06:09 CET: 
P.S. I am having a problem understanding 'RATIOS'in relation to seeding.
        I use uTorrent 2.x and it uses percentages for ratio of seeding.

>>>twentyforty at 2010-04-16 06:56 CET: 

Ratios are irrelevant guys. They are "numbers" that mean something just - to you.
If someone pays, pays by the traffic (megabytes, gigabytes) not by the ratio, right?

The point I was trying to make was just: If you want... and can - seed - do not look at the ratio. 
File is mostly in range 20 - 70 MB.
To seed few FILES back to the people, doesn't look too costly. And it doesn't looks complicated to understand too

Unfortunately, that's why [quark] torrent dies within 6 hours. Many little hands together can move the mountain. For instance, most downloaded [quark] is "The Vampire Diaries" - 1147 times. Could you imagine that ALL people stayed to seed - at 1kB/s? Just that. At least for a while. I do understand the problem of daily nature of the daily talk shows pack (shelf-life is built-in), but - for sake of god - not to stay on two-three seeders within few hours.


Major brand: ISO Base Media version 1
Compatible brands: JVT AVC
Number of streams: 2
Type of stream nr. 1: audio (AAC Low complexity) {GPAC ISO Audio Handler}
Type of stream nr. 2: video (avc1) {GPAC ISO Video Handler}
Video Codec: avc1
Resolution: 352 x 192
Display aspect ratio: 341:192 = 1.776041 (~16:9)
Bitrate: 203 kbps
Audio Codec: AAC Low complexity
Bitrate: 16.110460 kbps
Channels: 1
Sample rate: 11025 Hz


@ ALL - I have something to say which comes from me as an individual because I am getting really pissed off with the amount of Hit & Run activity that I am seeing on MOST torrents that are uploaded by 20-40.

This is directed at H&R scum from a certain country in particular where over 95% of the problem comes from.
It is not directed at those who CANNOT afford to upload or simply do not have the speed.

I use a recent version of uTorrent and one handy feature is that it readily identifies the countries where the IP addresses are coming from.

I won?t name & shame (there is NO point) but I wil say this: YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, you leeching scumbags.
However, it does surprise me about me these people (if that is a word I can use without vomiting) are the main culprits AGAIN. They are continuously doing the same thing, time after time, day after, month after month and year after year.

YOU ?people? may think you?re special but you are NOT! I also do NOT care if you are on the crappiest broadband deal in the world. Or feel as if you are, because I know you are not.

Once again, I am not naming names but anyone with a decent client can see a ?country flag? and/or do an IP Address search using [Whois]. You?ll soon see that 99% of these people come from a 1st world country
Found out some stats which make it even worse compared to other countries both 1st, 2nd & 3rd world.

Won't go into them as boring as all fuck and available to anyone BUT ADSL is in over about 70% of homes and this does NOT include Cable TV or other (ISDN) access.

Also, the majority (90%) of the population is in urban areas so they are, probably, very close to a telecom exchange.

For those not in the know, this means even faster access.

As a nation they have been investing heavily in the infrastructure to support the internet for over 15 years.

Boring facts all BUT they lead to one important point when you combine with their activities on TPB and on certain torrent files you see a very easily recognisable graph. Grab what they want and then leave ASAP. To sum up, something is seriously fucked with that country!

They have everything (won't even go into the index of development in EU or UN) in relation to internet access and yet won't share!

Maybe they are all on crap ISP plans which are combined up/down monthly allowances to they pay by the MB. I don?t know and, more importantly I DON?T CARE!

We are talking about a Hit & Run ratio of 99% on [quark] torrents. Even if they do ALL have terrible ISP plans all they have to do, to be NICE, would be to seed to 1:1 or 100%; e.g. they download 100MB file and they then SEED 100MB.

Consider this you can get an entire WEEK of 3 talk shows in the Talk Show [quark] for approximately/less than 400MB. I used to download The Colbert Report via EZTV and as .avi file; 1 show was 175MB approximately.
Now we get 2 shows [quarks] that come in around 96MB and after the first 10-14 days the seeders just went away as soon as they had what they wanted.


This is a win/win if you would just SEED. We are talking a combined up/down of 800MB in a week (approximately), that CANNOT be a problem!
I happen to be on a plan which only charges for downloads so I can upload as much as I CAN. I emphasise ?can? as I am on a slow connection (approximately 30KBs) so there is a limit to how much I can do simply by my speed but NOT by my willingness.

20-40, I KNOW you will NOT tell us (the downloaders) what to do as it is not part of your ethos. I really appreciate that BUT as a "1-man show" this is a huge burden to bear.

By that I mean, you cannot help all of the people all of the time!

Even if you beat them about the head with a big stick (only half-joking statement)!


I know there are only 22 of 'us' type of people (i.e. hard core fans who seed as much as we can for as long as we can) which is sad but not shocking.

We are obviously in the minority and that is not going to change, as far as I can tell.

I've pontificated enough and now, unlike 20-40 who is too nice, I am going to take a leaf ou
Thank you my friend!!!!

1st....twentyforty, thank you for ur great work:)

now....jon4fun... I understand ur anger.
I am a non-seeder most of the time. I dont understand how this works??? I have very little allowance and dont no how much usage seeding uses....maybe you can tell me.
When I go over my limit, I get charged at advertising rates, which is v. expensive, but I will seed a lot more from now on.
P.Bay is the best and twentyforty, my fav, as he takes care of people like my me who have v. limited allowance.
Thanks jon4fun for reminding me that I have been a tool

twentyforty......thanks again, you rock:)
Thank you Jon. Such things, as much as may hurt, must be said. You've been eloquent and clear, but as you have mentioned, they never ever visit the home of some torrent - I guess they've managed to learn not to walk trough the forest where they've been taken a dump.
For worse, I am on Internet 24/7 last 12 years (in torrents since day one) and something has changed. For sake of god, these guys invented - not just modern "torrenting" but the site alone where we are right now. And why they (mis)behave like this - I AM SURE ABOUT - have roots more in pathology/psychology than in country of origin.

@Stev: Thank you my friend. Choose wisely, because first would go [quarks] then 272p exactly as been written in my schedule.
@ Jon

I understand your anger my friend but not everyone has the BW to seed 7:1 i myself have limited BW but i try my best to do 2:1 in fairness if you seed 7:1 on this particular file that comes to 463.26MB then what is the use for people to come here to download a 66Mb file if they spend 463.26+66.18=529.44MB on the download and upload? then they can just go to eztv and hit and run in all fairness?
@all above people-
You all are really right man some times i really burn with anger wen ppl hit and run its very.

Guys please dont limit ur uploads and dont just go after u finish up as some one given u something without knowing who u r wat u do,so same you must follow give some thing more den u take and let the p2p,tpb n ppl like 2040 live for ever.MY MAX SPEED IS 45KBPS AND I CAN SHARE MEAN U ALL CAN DO THAT


@2040- thanks for sticking wit this show
just reached my limit. wont have new allowance till next month....can some1 tell me (in hours) how long i should seed, cos i dont understand what ur talking about...
sorry im computer stupid...but im trying:)
I DO NOT CARE how people behave on "other" places, in their lives, on the street, in their homes.
I am NOT a preacher, and regrettably, I have seen Donkey network going down for the same reason as here. 99% of the people DO NOT WANT TO SHARE. In all honesty, when that was the case. Never was and never be...

Well - I AM here because of the the people who CANNOT afford to share fair amount of what they get FOR FREE (files, I mean).

BUT - Jon haven't said a word to these people - but - to "others", who, for reason unknown to human kind GRAB ridiculously small files (and - in all fairness - ugly looking, compared to BIG ones) and - disappear. So, they are fast... so what? They already knew that. Whats the point for them? If (and I am fast as they are) someone have fast connection, pays half of nickle (practically nothing compared to me) and can access any private-tracker site, pay few bucks and then Hit&Run as much as he like at 60 MB/sec - why in hell such punks come - HERE?

It's like when fat guys overrun baggers and homeless persons when free-diner is opened.
Or "Mum, why I have not four hands and three mouths, table is full of stuff I love?"

There is a reason why their countries are "rich". There is in fact, a substantial reason why FEW MEN are rich (practically over-saturated) and all others (96% no matter what they say or think about themselves) are - poor. In money. Both "kinds" can be poor in other ways, but you have been taught that already.
LOL... Beggars - even if bags are used for some purposes.
@dedoo - I do understand that not all people understand ration/seeding etc.
I didn't until I asked.

All I can say is this if you get 3 files [Talk Shows Pack] for less than 1 single .avi file from this or another site, e.g. The Colbert Report, then you should be able to seed The Colbert Report (as a stand-alone .avi) at 1:1 and in this quark format that works out at 7:1.
In other words you don't lose out and only share what you were intending (I HOPE) to share as an individual torrent.
Math = 175MB / 25MB = 7:1
Therefore if you seeded 1 episodeat 1:1 from (e.g. EZTV) it would be the same as seeding the [quark] at 7:1

Finally if you are worried about Broadband Usage then I recommend a great freeware program which is accurate to .001% is: or Bitmeter 2 if the link doesn't work.

@steve666 - I may be misreading your question/statement. There is a major difference bewteen between DownLoad (DL) Allowance and Bandwidth (BW).
I have mentioned it before, but seem to have left it out of my post, my upspeed BW is around 30KBs which in a '1st' worls country (for the moment at least) is very slow.

The point I was trying to make was that IF 50 people SEEDed what they downloaded then they would not use all their allowance as the torrent client spreads the load.
The fewer seeders, the more of the THEIR allowance gets used up.

I have said this before, I am on a capped download allowance and do not get charged for uploads. I RELAISE that this is not the 'norm', in fact there appears to be no norm just wthat the telecoms can screw us out of around the world.

I reaise that I, therefore can SEED and not worry but I have ALWAYS worried about my DL sllowance and have had msny hested converstions about my bills with my ISP.

Steve - this is not directed at you OR anoy single individual. It is direceted at a cultural minset in soem countries NW Europe (you KNOW who you are!) one person. In fact I recognise your name and know you are a regular.

This diatribe is aimed at certain countries which will reman nameless *but they KNOW who they are) that have excllecent infracrsture and good phone/broadband packages.

You are on their site right now! The worse culprits. Some sort of god complex or oligarghy that their country/their site/ screw everyone else.

@debdoo: Nothing. WE, THE PEOPLE who do not care "now much" and THE PEOPLE WHO PAYS NO MATTER TRAFFIC (fixed monthly check - no limits how many bytes have been gone up and down) or PEOPLE who DO NOT pay for upload traffic at all - we will take care.

Next month - or if or when your private situation changes - think how much has been given - and then - give back... probably to your brothers and sisters all around the world - who came here for exact same reason as you - but tend to forget that Oprah have lied about the Universe and how he is endlessly full of care to give and wants nothing back.
"now much" = "how much"
thanks for this! I promise to seed for at least 4 or 5 days, and I generally get good ratios. I don't mind giving back! I'm already past the 1:1 mark and it's only been ten minutes... cheers!
thanks everyone for explaining:)